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Storage VPS Servers Are Now Available

Written by Mantas Levinas
on January 11, 2022

Cherry Servers has just introduced Storage VPS servers – a new cloud infrastructure as a service product that is optimized for enhanced storage and bandwidth capacity. Storage VPS servers share the same KVM virtualization technology as Cloud VPS servers, but have some distinct features.

Storage VPS Servers are based on RAID 10 HDD storage subsystem with a custom SSD caching layer. It gives you up to 3TB HDD storage capacity with SSD storage speed that is capped at 3000 IOPS. You also get increased data transferring capabilities on 1Gbps bandwidth port with up to 35TB free monthly traffic available per server.

You may already deploy these Storage VPS plans at Cherry Servers:

Storage VPS servers is a perfect choice for applications with low CPU workloads and increased storage capacity. You may use them for storing backups, archiving relevant data, running read-intensive workloads, or any other use case that you can think of.