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Cherry Servers High-end Server Portfolio Grows in Multiple Regions

Written by Mantas Levinas
on January 20, 2021

As roses are red and violets are blue, New Year is always about change.

It's no different here at Cherry Servers, as we are kick-starting 2021 by announcing new high-end servers in our EU-West-1 region in the Netherlands.

These servers have enough horsepower to handle even the most hot-tempered applications at ease:

We are also introducing a single-CPU Intel Gold 6230R server in the EU-Nord-1 region in Lithuania.

Intel Gold 6230R is renowned in the data science community for its Intel® Deep Learning Boost technology, and its capacity to include a GPU accelerator. It is estimated to run 4.3 times faster when compared to an older generation E5-2697v2 machine.

Starting off 2021 we are really keen to provide you with enterprise-grade hardware that you may consume on-demand. Make the best out of it!


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