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CPU & Memory-optimized Cloud VDS Servers Have Been Launched

Written by Mantas Levinas
on September 02, 2021

Cherry Servers has just launched Virtual Dedicated Servers (Cloud VDS) – a new cloud infrastructure product that is optimized for CPU and memory-intensive workloads. Cloud VDS are the most powerful compute-oriented virtual servers available so far.

Cloud VDS servers are based on high-end Intel Gold 6230R hardware that ensures premium compute performance. They have fully dedicated CPU and memory resources that eliminate the noisy neighbour‘s problem, so you can enjoy stable workloads with no performance fluctuations.

There are 4 Cloud VDS plans available right now:

  • Cloud VDS 2 (4 vCores/16GB RAM/100GB NVMe) - $58.80 / month | $0.102 / hr
  • Cloud VDS 4 (8 vCores/32GB RAM/200GB NVMe) - $106.80 / month | $0.186 / hr
  • Cloud VDS 6 (12 vCores/48GB RAM/300GB NVMe) - $130.80 / month | $0.227 / hr
  • Cloud VDS 8 (16 vCores/64GB RAM/400GB NVMe) - $154.80 / month | $0.269 / hr

Briefly, they can be summarized in comparison with other virtual server products:

Virtual Servers comparison

Cloud VDS servers are a perfect choice for e-commerce platforms, data processing jobs and other CPU and memory-intensive applications where stable workloads are required. Learn more about available Cloud VDS plans.