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Cherry Servers Lowers the Barrier to Entry for Private Cloud Services

Written by Mantas Levinas
on August 30, 2019

Cherry Servers, one of the leading Bare Metal Cloud vendors, has started to grant new cloud users $30 production credit to push the adoption of single-tenant cloud services even further. It's never been easier for small and medium companies to kick-off with using hardware as a service on a per-hour basis.

"We are moving away from the dedicated hosting business model. Businesses no longer need to pay a fixed amount of money upfront to get private cloud infrastructure" - says Mindaugas Rupšys, CFO at Cherry Servers. "The barrier to entry is now as low as ever. You verify your credit card, receive $30 production credit, and deploy your new high-end server. All within a few minutes." It is already clear that this new pricing model has accelerated Bare Metal Cloud adoption. It will allow Cherry Servers to innovate further in a raw hardware automation niche.

Bare Metal Cloud is a new paradigm of cloud computing. What once required a significant upfront investment, now can be obtained out-of-premises and on-demand for a few cents per hour. Bare Metal Cloud also challenges traditional hyper-scale cloud providers since it is a much more efficient way to host containerized cloud-native applications. With no additional fixed costs, nor vendor lock-in Bare Metal Cloud is an attractive choice for small and medium businesses. By introducing a new pricing model, Cherry Servers is aiming to make it even more appealing.

About Cherry Servers

Cherry Servers is a Europe based Bare Metal Cloud vendor offering private cloud infrastructure to small and medium businesses that is cost-effective and simple to use. With specialized cloud infrastructure and hardware-level control, the Cherry Servers cloud platform can handle even the most demanding workloads at ease.

Cherry Servers believes that in a modern era, cloud applications will become vendor-agnostic and be easily portable to where the workloads can be run most efficiently.