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Cherry Servers Has Revamped Its Website and Client Portal

Written by Mantas Levinas
on September 30, 2019

Cherry Servers, a leading European Infrastructure as a Service provider, has renewed its website and client portal to enhance the user experience when ordering and using cloud services. By converting its website into a progressive web application, Cherry Servers has significantly shortened its load time and introduced new functionality. Customers are now able to use server filters, save their custom server configuration, and order additional services like R1Soft and Microsoft SQL Server licenses.

„We‘re currently working hard to make our cloud platform intuitive to use“ – says Arturas Lazejevas, CEO at Cherry Servers. „Since Bare Metal infrastructure is recognized for its simplicity, our website and client portal have to be as sleek as possible. There‘s already too much complexity in the cloud native world today.“ By employing some of the best user testing practices, Cherry Servers is iterating through its cloud platform and introducing constant improvements.

Cherry Servers is challenging the complexity and cost-ineffectiveness of traditional hyper-scale cloud providers with its compute-focused cloud platform. On Bare Metal Cloud customers benefit from increased compute efficiency due to single-tenant cloud infrastructure that can be easily customized and handle different types of high-intensity compute workloads. „But this is not enough“ – says Arturas Lazejevas. „The main aim is to make cloud experience simple but significant.“


About Cherry Servers

Cherry Servers is a Europe based Bare Metal Cloud vendor offering private cloud infrastructure to small and medium businesses that is cost-effective and simple to use. With specialized cloud infrastructure and hardware-level control, the Cherry Servers cloud platform can handle even the most demanding workloads at ease.

Cherry Servers believes that in a modern era, cloud applications become vendor-agnostic and be easily portable to where the workloads can be run most efficiently.

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